Interview with Brett Godfrey – Regional Franchisor Jim’s Test & Tag – Newcastle and Central Coast

Eden Exchange recently spoke with Brett Godfrey, Regional Franchisor in Newcastle and Central Coast at Jim’s Test & Tag. Brett talked to us about his experience with Jim’s Test & Tag and Jim’s Fire Safety and also provided some insights for entrepreneurs interested in entering small business and franchising.

“I had always been an employee so running a business on a day to day basis was very daunting. However with the help and guidance I received, I was able to gather momentum and get up and running.” – Brett Godfrey
“I had always been an employee so running a business on a day to day basis was very daunting. However with the help and guidance I received, I was able to gather momentum and get up and running.” – Brett Godfrey
Thanks for speaking with us Brett.  Why did you get in to franchising? What were you doing prior to becoming a franchisorand how did you first get involved with Jim’s Test & Tag?

I got into Franchising to be able to run a business that was already established and had everything up and running first.  Prior to getting into Jim’s Test & Tag I was working as a Safety Coordinator for John Holland in Newcastle.  I became involved with Jim’s Test & Tag as a result of the job I was working on coming to completion.  Jim’s Test & Tag were doing work for us on site and I began talking to the Franchisee. After a lot of research and investigation here I am almost 5 years later.

You currently have franchise territories available throughout the Central Coast.What areas do you focus on and what are some of the factors making running a business in Central Coast unique?

At present Jim’s Test & Tag doesn’t have any Franchisees based on the Central Coast and we have to service clients from either Newcastle or Sydney.  Beacuse of this, I believe the potential for expansion on the Central Coast is massive.

The strong local market as well as the close proximity to Sydney allows for a  large and diverse target market for potential clients. While there is currently a great amount of construction going on in and around the Central Coast, Franchisees in the region will have have a bit of everything to work with from construction, workshops, offices and licenced premises environments.

What advice do you have for someone looking to run a franchise for the first time? What’s the key message you tell new franchisees?

Research, research and research!  Talk to Franchisees and spend as much time with them as possible.  Try to understand what challenges they have had and are having.  See if the hands on work is actually what you are after and ask if the the business ticks YOUR boxes for what you are after.




What type of background and experience does a new franchisee need to have? What makes for a successful Jim’s Test & Tag franchise owner?

I truly believe the best attribute of a successful Franchisee is the ability to communicate and form relationships.  You don’t have to be a salesman, but you need the ability to get out and have the ability to talk to people, listen to their issues and offer them a solution.  We can teach you the technical side of the business, but you need to be willing to drive the success of your own business. Having a great attitude is paramount, that attitude and activity drive success.

What type of support does Jim’s Test & Tag provide once a new franchise owner?

Jim’s Test &Tag has a very stringent selection and recruitment process.  Once potential Franchisees have been tt1through our program and completed their initial training, they spend time in the beginning with their Franchisor developing a road map to assist them in the day to day running of their business. The local Franchisor is always available to seek guidance and advice.  There are approximately 180 Franchisees within our system for you to call on when you need to.  This could be for technical assistance or just for a piece of advice when you need it.  Franchisees will partake in an online business devlopment program.  Franchisors also offer annual business reviews.  Jim’s Test & Tag have Annual Conferences in all destination around Australia and NZ.

What major industry trends should franchise buyers and sellers be looking out for? What’s your take on where your industry is heading?

We move in the Safety and Compliance world in our day to day business.  As industries are closely scrutinised by state and federal regulators, business owners are compelled to use the services that we offer to the marketplace.  Buyers of Franchises should be aware of what is happening in the local market.  For example, is there a down turn in the economy with retrenchments and the like?




What are some of the key achievements you are proud of at Jim’s Test Tag? On the other side, what challenges have you faced to get the business where it is today?

I can answer both of these questions in the one answer.  My biggest challenge was that I had never run a business prior to starting with Jim’s Test & Tag. I had always been an employee so running a business on a day to day basis was very daunting. However with the help and guidance I received, I was able to gather momentum and get up and running. This  is also one of my biggest achievements as well.

I wanted to build my own Franchisee business as quickly as I could.  I took every opportunity presented to me and chased every rabbit down holes.  I called on friends, former colleagues and other associates to generate work as quickly as possible

What’s the best part of your job?

To do what I want and when I want to do it. I work with some fantastic people who are clients of mine.  I also spend a heap more time with my family.

Thanks for your time Brett

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