Baby Swim School opens in Keilor Park, Melbourne

JUMP! Swim Schools, Australia’s largest national specialist provider for infant and beginners is opening a site in Keilor Park. It is exciting news for the local area. Swimming lessons equip kids with the skills they need to be safe, but also fast-track their physical and mental development.

JUMP! has splashed into KEILOR PARK

Founder of JUMP! and father of three Ian Campbell, has created one of Australia’s fastest growing franchises and the nation’s leading learn-to-swim school for babies.

The importance of early childhood swimming lessons cannot be understated. As the recent Royal Life Saving National Drowning Report (2017) reported a 32% increase in 0 to 4-year-old drownings in 2017, JUMP! reinforces the need for swimming to be taught early as a life skill.

“Learning to swim isn’t just for older kids. 46% of our Students are under 4 years old and that is testament to our understanding of how capable babies are and our abilities to teach babies as young as three months of age”, said Ian Campbell, Managing Director of JUMP! Swim Schools.

“Every child deserves the chance to learn how to swim. We are increasing participation and skill levels right across the country. We have over 19,500 little swimmers enjoying lessons in an innovative learning environment purpose-built for babies and children.”

Mr Campbell sees the correlation between JUMP!’s growth and safety in water. “The more children we have learning the life skill of swimming, the more chance we will see drowning statistics decline.”

The JUMP! model is clearly working, with 75 percent of new sites having opened with enrolments high enough to open above break-even.

According to Mr Campbell, “JUMP! puts specialised education back into learn-to-swim by crafting a tailored, competency-based program that is backed by the latest child care and teaching research.”

JUMP! Keilor Park is set to open in 2018 between the Keilor City Church and Hungry Jacks at the BP off the Calder Fwy. For parents, click here to secure a class before they open.

JUMP! Swim Schools are renowned for their breakthrough outcomes-based curriculum that teaches babies from three months of age to master the basic elements of swimming by 12 months of age.

For more information, a range of drowning prevention resources or to download a copy of the Royal Life Saving National Drowning Report 2017 please visit the Royal Life Saving website


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